music videos

Maxmillion Dunbar – “Loving The Drift” (2013):  Created with high definition slow motion footage and an LZX modular video synthesizer (thanks to Michael Potvin). Maxmillion Dunbar is Andrew Field Pickering, one-half of DJ duo Beautiful Swimmers & record label Future Times.


Friends – “I’m His Girl” (2012)  : Video that I directed & produced with Friends, all shot on Super 8 film.   It premiered on October 18, 2011 and has made its way to Spin, BBC and others, and has so far reached over 1.8 million views.

Ital – “Boi” (2012): Video for Ital from the album Dream On on Planet Mu. This video was created in anticipation of our A/V collaboration European fall tour, which went to Unsound, Club to Club etc. Watch a video interview of Ital & I discussing our tour (with clips of my live video performances) on Fact Magazine.



Beautiful Swimmers – “O Yea”: O Yea was the first video I ever made, for my friends Beautiful Swimmers (Andrew Field Pickering and Ari Goldman), and it came out March 2009 with their first LP of sample-based dance music, Swimmers Groove. The video is a super sexy, 80’s workout babe fantasy with tons of layers and abstract sequences. It made its way to The Fader, Urban Outfitters, MTV, and Spike Jonze’s production blog for Where the Wild Things Are, We Love You So.

contact: Aurora Halal