I worked as a full time video editor for from 2009-2011, helping create many documentaries & commercial pieces. Below are some of my favorite videos that I edited for them.



Electric Independence: Morton Subotnick: Co-inventor of the world’s first modular synthesizers.



Electric Independence: Ceephax Acid Crew: British analog electronic musician Ceephax. Read more on



Vice Guide To Sex: Alexyss K. Tylor’s Vagina Power : Controversial Atlanta public access host Alexyss K. Tylor’s story. ac More info on VBS.TV, and some press here.



Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia: Getting High On Krystle: This episode premiered on on 9/27/2011. Theres an incredible article linked there as well. (Sorry about the ads on this video, theres no direct link.)



Politicians Pundits and Other People: Dennis Kucinich: Pilot episode of the new Vice political show. Some press here.



The Creators Project: Joao Vasco