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Maxmillion Dunbar – “Loving The Drift” :  New video created with high definition slow motion footage and an LZX modular video synthesizer (thanks to Michael Potvin). Maxmillion Dunbar is Andrew Field Pickering, one-half of DJ duo Beautiful Swimmers & record label Future Times. I was asked by the label, RVNG, to make an artist statement about the piece: “To me, Max D’s music always seems to capture the feeling of being submerged into a sparkling, intuitive inner world, while also encouraging you to dance and feel present in your body. The video I made for this track reimagines ‘the dance floor’ as that personal, liminal kind of space, where energy is exchanged without being put into words, and emotions run high. It offers a glimpse into one person’s point of view as they go through a psychedelic, disorienting but warm personal journey in a public place. The images shift from patterns seen behind closed eyelids, to the stuttered vision of coming to your senses in an unfamiliar place full of sensory input and other humans. Being open and letting those types of experiences wash over you is what I think of as “loving the drift.””


Ital – “Boi” : Video for techno artist ITAL from the new album Dream On, which came out fall 2012 on Planet Mu. This video was created in anticipation of our A/V collaboration european fall tour, which went to Unsound, Club to Club etc. Watch a video interview of Ital & I discussing our tour (with clips of my live video performances) on Fact Magazine. Read a written interview about the making of the music video here.


Friends – “I’m His Girl”  : Video that I directed & produced with Friends, all shot on Super 8 film.   It premiered on October 18, 2011 and has made its way to Spin, BBC and others, and has so far reached over 1.4 million views on youtube.


Protect-U “U-Uno”: This video was made for my friends Protect-U. It came out in Feb 2011 with their EP, “World Music” on Future Times, and has been featured on Pitchfork, MTV, Altered Zones, and more.


Beautiful Swimmers – “Big Coast”:  Big Coast is a hard hitting, summery dub track on Beautiful Swimmers’ epynonmous EP on Future Times. The video, which premiered July 2010, evokes a blissed-out Ibiza-esque mirage, made by heavily mixing and key-framing footage from VHS tapes. This video was featured in an exhibition by Holy Ghost Zine in London. Some press can be found on Gorrilla Vs Bear, The Fader and HUH. Magazine.


Innergaze – “Shadow Disco”: Video from the May 2011 Innergaze 12″ on 100% Silk. (This band is made up of me and Jason Letkiewicz, AKA Steve Summers). This co-premiered on Altered Zones & 20 Jazz Funk Greats.


Beautiful Swimmers – “O Yea”: O Yea was the first video I ever made, for my friends Beautiful Swimmers (Andrew Field Pickering and Ari Goldman), and it came out March 2009 with their first LP of sample-based dance music, Swimmers Groove. The video is a super sexy, 80′s workout babe fantasy with tons of layers and abstract sequences. It made its way to The Fader, Urban Outfitters, MTV, and Spike Jonze’s production blog for Where the Wild Things Are, We Love You So.

My friend Ashiq Khondker collaborated on this. For a nice experience try watching it on the mashup site yooouuutuuube.


Ital – “Only For Tonight (Dubout/Saviour’s Love Megamix)”: Collaboration with Luke Wyatt & Daniel Martin McCormick, premiered August 2011 for the single by 100% Silk artist, Ital.



Arthur Russell – “Go Bang”: Go Bang is a classic early disco tune by the late Arthur Russell.  Artist Rafael Sanchez has done a memorial performance piece on Arthur’s birthday for the last 5 years, and asked me to make a video to accompany his piece at Le Poisson Rouge in April 2009. This video is a summary of the ideas we had for the performance… banging on cans, fireworks, boys kissing boys, memories of the past.. the excitement of hearing a favorite song. I made it in just 2 nights, including footage from Andy Warhol’s “The Kiss,”(1963), fireworks in Taiwan, and Super8 videos from strangers’ childhoods.  It was inspiring to see the video projected on loop all night while the audience danced like crazy to Arthur’s posthumously discovered (& wonderful) songs.



ITAL – ‘Culture Clubs’ live in Cleveland Nov 2011, which premiered on Village Voice March 2012.

Video flier for one of my Mutual Dreaming events, “Sex Tags Mania,”  which was June 2, 2012 at 285 Kent.

Steve Summers – “Dreaming In Color”: Jason Letkiewicz, (“Steve Summers”) & I made this video for his track ‘Dreaming In Color,’ that came out on a Clone Records 12″ October 2009. Together we shot and edited this piece from scratch, creating the visual effects entirely through the camera lens in unusual ways. We used sunglasses and crystals as filters, projectors as lighting effects, mirrored mylar, and video feedback.

It was featured on the Washington City Paper and Vice’s technology site Motherboard.

contact: Aurora Halal